Stephen Cagle – It’s Not Rocket Science — Just Brain Surgery!

Alumni Spotlights

Retired Neurological Surgeon Stephen Cagle ’71 Sees Delta Alpha as a Foundation in His Fulfilling Life

Dr. Stephen “Steve” Cagle ’71 joined Delta Alpha Chapter as a double legacy with two older brothers, Gene Cagle ’68 and Edward “Fielding” Cagle Jr. ’69, paving the way for him. “I had friends in other fraternities, but always saw the Delts as the best in academics and sports—as a member of Delta Alpha, I was inspired to get involved in my chapter and on campus.

Sports played a huge role in Steve’s undergraduate experience. “My brother, Gene, played football for OU and I loved playing intramural sports and attending OU sporting events with my chapter brothers.” The responsibility and leadership Steve gained as pledge class president and intramural chairman led to his election as chapter president in 1971. “I was always interested in service and very organized, but felt honored to be chosen to lead the fraternity.”

Steve’s success continued into a 30-year career in Oklahoma City as a neurological surgeon. “I joined a large medical group where I could both operate and teach those in their medical residency. It was so fulfilling to be able to save lives performing pediatric surgery, acoustic neuromas removals, cervical spine/lumbar spine surgery, and I even participated in a lobotomy.”

During his medical career Steve participated in several month-long medical mission trips to Central Africa. “The trips were stressful and the conditions in so many areas were not good, but it was beneficial knowing I could help people.” Steve said his last mission was a little over two years ago.

Even in retirement, Steve serves as chairman of the board of the Oklahoma City County Health Department. He works actively with the Tulsa Health Department and the Oklahoma State Health Department to improve health and wellness throughout the state. He is also is part of the Mitchell in the Morning radio show on News Talk KOKC-AM 1520. You can listen to Steve’s health news from 6 to 7 a.m. on Thursdays or listen to podcasts online anytime at

Delta Alpha gave Steve a place to learn, grow, and develop as a man. He says, “The fraternity was truly a safe house; brothers always had my back and changed my life for the better. The quality of friendships has been unmatched.” Steve keeps in touch with many of his brothers. “Keeping in touch with my college friends has added so much to my life.”

Steve and his wife, Ruthanna, live just outside of Oklahoma City, where he spends his free time raising cattle, hunting, and playing basketball. “Family has always been the number one priority—my wife and two sons are very special to me. I had a tremendous career in medicine and even basketball.